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How to Avoid Same Artist Repeat

You can set Everest Cast Pro to avoid replaying the same artist every "X" amount of tracks. To Prevent Same Artist Replay:

Step 1 :

Login in to Everest Cast Pro Broadcasters Panel using your User name and Password.

Step 2 :

From Main navigation section Click on "Settings"  now Settings page load. From “Avoid same artist tracks” section select the desired option from dropdown list. And Finally click on “Save”.

NOTE: The higher you set the value, the better result you'll have. However, it's important to understand you must have enough tracks in your media and in the playlists for this to work well.

And it's understandable. You can't set your AutoDJ  to not repeat the same artist every 23 tracks when you only have 19 tracks on your playlist So the more the merrier

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